What the F**k is ‘The Manosphere’?

I am not particularly politically motivated, I strive to excel in whatever environment I find myself operating in and certainly don’t have any intention to write exhaustively on the subject of the feminist agenda. I do, however, think its important to establish my vision and hopes for this site in light of the current environment we find ourselves in and I think its important to establish my thoughts around some of these potentially prickly areas.

The fact that sites like this even exist is proof in itself of the displacement men have suffered as a result of the ‘Sexual Revolution’. The world has become increasingly hostile to men to the point that masculinity itself has been placed under attack

The Manosphere, shitty name though it is, is essentially a collection of websites, blogs and forums focusing on male related issues, everything from picking up girls, fitness and fashion to its opposition of feminism.
As a Male Self Improvement Blog focusing on enabling us to become the best version of ourselves, there is no arguing this site warrants a place amongst that strange informal network known as ‘The Manosphere’.

This is not just a blog for bitter divorcees or rejected losers and doesn’t advocate the oppression of females but it does stand up against an ideology that is hostile to men and that is not interested in equality but rather alienating male sexuality.

This site and its content is in no way misogynistic or ‘anti woman’ but similarly it outrightly refutes that men are inherently violent, controlling, aggressive, sex pests!

It’s not a Men’s activist site for victims, this is not a hate group labelling women as ‘sluts’ and ‘gold-diggers’ but it is a place where there will be a well informed challenge to the popular media angle of the day. If angry women are empowered, why are angry men labelled as dangerous? For every man turned on by tits and treating women as ‘sex objects’ there is a female counterpart turned on by cars and money treating men as ‘status objects’
Building a community of strong men, who know their own worth and value that of others is our best opportunity to expand so that we are prepared to stand up for ourselves in a hostile climate that devalues us because of our gender.

Hypergamy is biologically instilled into all Women, the desire to attract and secure the highest status male possible, but the quest for equal rights, the undermining of masculinity and the perceived reduced importance of strong role models has left the majority asking ‘ Where have all the good men gone?’

Women have become pushy, entitled, flaky and unaccountable and Men are increasingly, tepid, meek and mild. The result is a Divorce Rate in the Western World of over 50% with increasing resentment and tension on both sides as Women reject the ‘oppression’ of matrimony and Men have to seek advice on how to be men.

As a post 40 single man, I am routinely looked upon with suspicion by society as either a socially retarded loser or devastated divorcee suffering from a mid-life crisis. I made the conscious choice to reframe my perspective based upon the observable reality of intergender relations.

Most stumble across the ‘Manosphere’ in an attempt to work out how to get laid more often and be successful with women. If you want Women to be attracted to you then be more attractive, be dominant, assertive and confident. Demand respect and hold women accountable for their conduct. The nice guy,Just be yourself advice, does not work and neither do sneaky PUA strategies around expoiting insecurities. Masculine men attract feminine women and vice versa.

This site is about being the best man you can be, working on your body to get fit and strong, having other strong male friends you can hang out with and be accountable to, being social, travelling, having a plan for your life to meet your financial, relationship and health goals and working towards them all on a daily basis .

I am in charge of my own fate and conduct my affairs accordingly, I stand up for myself and am unapologetic. I inspire attraction and excitement through the behaviours I display, I adopt a commanding manner, I am smart, charming, funny, opinionated and I consistently take the lead. I take responsibility without permission or apology and as a result I achieve more, am successful and enjoy a higher social status.

By adopting characteristics that challenge the very core of feminist principles I am far more attractive to them. Women cannot ask a man to lead, he has to do it and become the force to which she succumbs.

Educate yourself and become the man you want to be. Have a plan, take a deep look inside and establish your priorities. Discover what you need to be wanted by the Women you want.

Embrace your masculinity, lose your social expectations, and without apology or shame, let your inner Hero be unleashed!

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