My Hero Story

Human culture and psychology, no matter where you look in the world, has the same roots.

Basically, all stories share similar metaphors.

All stories lead back to the Hero’s Journey.

We are all looking for a Hero’s Journey, whether we realize it or not.

Watching someone else go on a Hero’s Journey makes us sit up and take notice.

We suddenly value that person and their goals.

I am on my Hero’s Journey You are on your own Hero’s Journey.

I have a story to tell, as do you and if you tell it right, it will draw people into your life.

My name is Aiden Chainey, I’m rapidly approaching my 40’s

4 years ago I split up with my long time girlfriend

I had also taken on the father/provider role for her son from a previous relationship

I was certainly not blameless for the failure of our relationship

But was surprised and hurt by how quickly she moved on

Within 3 months she was pregnant by another man

During our time together I largely displayed most of the masculine traits that attract females and keep them interested

I was dominant, I was carefree, she was not my priority, I had my own path

We split, I was fine, enjoying my freedom once again

Then I found out about the new guy and I realised all of my foundations of self belief were built on sand, they were an act

I begged her to come back, I proclaimed my undying love, I asked her to marry me

Looking back, I can see the disappointment and resentment from her now

Was this really the guy she’d fell for and had broken her heart…

I failed to hold my frame, I was incongruent and as a result she was lost for good

It took a while but gradually I began to realise what I needed to do, I needed to build my foundations, like building a muscle, I needed to concentrate my efforts in becoming a better stronger man

Thats what this blog and community is about, I have devoured books and courses, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and I have taken action

I have tried to address all of the key facets that go toward being the kind of man that woman love, other men respect and most importantly of all I can be proud of

I will share all of it on here, warts and all, failures and success, tears and laughter, it will be honest, it will be painful and my hope is that it will be entertaining