How to be a Man

10 Ways to Be THE Man, the Alpha

I hate being told to be a man or to man up. I doubt anyone likes to hear the phrase being spit out in their vicinity.

But the reality is that being born a man doesn’t make you THE man, the Alpha, or the firm and steadfast individual a male is supposed to be. Lots of men easily bend this way and that, with some even lacking the bones to go with the balls.

There are many attributes that differentiate a real man from just someone in the male population. When used the right way, you can be the leader of the pack.

Ways to Be a Man

Learn the art of quick decision-making

When it comes to making decisions in the short term and over small things, a real man is quick and assertive. Unlike women, men’s brain only has as much capacity to make a certain amount of decisions. This makes it important to arrive at a decision in a small amount of time.

Stick to your decision

Being decisive makes a real man. This means the opposite makes you less of a man. So once you’ve made a decision stick with it through and through. Being relentlessly consistent is a trait of a great man. Once the course is set they don’t deviate from the path, ever.

Achieve clarity

The goal is to know exactly what you want and create a plan to achieve what you want. It is important that you spend time and attention being clear of what you want so you are not busy on the wrong thing. That’s a lot of effort wasted.

So read, research, and learn more to achieve clarity. Avoid taking action without clarity.

Determine and uphold important virtues

Who you are and what you become are based on the virtues you develop. Assertiveness, for example, gives you the confidence and courage to make quick decisions, stick with it, and face the consequences if the decision turned out to be wrong.

Be the man you want

Do you want to be successful and wealthy? Don’t wait for these to happen. Create the habits, maintain the thoughts, and live the virtues of a successful and powerful man.

Pack more confidence

Confidence is not only sexy but also fuels your drive to succeed and be the better man. So make sure to gain confidence if you lack one and enhance it if you already have it.

Do more

A lesser man would rather think more than take action. You’ll never be able to ask that woman you admire if you keep thinking about what you need to do instead of just asking her out outright.

Have a lucky mindset

As the law of attraction goes, think positive and you will attract positivity. So if you think you are lucky or you are the luckiest man alive, then Lady Luck will smile on you always.

Embrace reality

Face reality and the truth, regardless if both bring pain. A man with a blind attitude is just asking for bad luck, so open your eyes and embrace reality at all times.

Nurture your body and mind

A great man of business has a calm and clear mind. This is something you would lose if you use drugs and drink yourself into a stupor.

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