How to Avoid Being Lazy?

When Laziness Keeps You from Becoming Great, Do These Instead

Are you one of those guys who find satisfaction in not doing anything?

While you succeed in being a lazy piece of garbage, as what your mom or some of your peers would think, you are failing in other aspects of your life. How else will you enjoy a good life and make money if you don’t get your butt off the couch and do something?

Of course, laziness can be a choice and it could be something you don’t mind indulging in. But if you want to stop being lazy, there are some things you can do to help yourself out.

How to Not Become Lazy

Avoid things that make you lazy

Laziness may be something you choose, but there are instances when circumstances led to you becoming one. If you know what’s making you slothful (sloth, get it?), you can easily avoid it and stop being lazy.

Some of the things you need to avoid are:

Not having a job

Binge-watching TV or streaming online movies

Eating food that makes you sluggish, such as fast food and junk food

Non-stop playing video or computer games

Binge-watching porn

Spending too much time on social media

Having a lazy girlfriend or wife

Avoid these things and you will be on your way to stop being lazy.

Truly and fully understand the consequences of laziness

If you happen to have a job and you fail to fulfill your responsibilities, there is a huge price to pay. You either chase deadlines constantly or get fired. It’s the same thing for everything else you fail to do because of your laziness. After all, the house won’t clean itself and neither would the dishes.

Know what the problem is

Is it the video games or porn that keeps you from doing something productive? Or, do you lack the motivation to do anything at all? Do you feel overwhelmed or just plain stuck? Knowing the cause is half the battle.

Do not stop doing

Are you one of those people who gets kicked in the butt by laziness when they stop working or doing something? Then, don’t stop whatever it is you’re doing until every task is accomplished. With every work completed, your confidence will grow which will also fuel your enthusiasm and diligence.

Avoid distractions

With the internet more accessible than ever, you can easily check social media in the middle of the workday and get lost in it. The same is true when your video game is plugged and ready to play with anytime.

Such distractions can cause you to become lazy.

What you can do is to put up physical barriers, such as locking away game consoles or hiding the TV remote, when you need to complete something.

Stop and smell the roses

This may be contradictory to “Do not stop doing”, but you do need to practice mindfulness and live in the present moment. There are advantages to doing so and it can help in becoming more productive and stop being lazy. Think of it as taking a break to recharge.

With these tips, you can avoid being lazy. Just remember that you must choose to stop being lazy before you can make any of these work.

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