How to Date Much Younger Women

Pursuing a Much Younger Woman? Here’s How to Date One

Many, mostly women, may scoff at older men who date younger women but, really, who cares? Studies showed that older dudes dating younger women are in better health and live longer.

I wouldn’t say no to that.

Then, there’s also the reality that because younger ladies have options to date men within their age bracket, an older guy would be kept on their toes and constantly challenged, which is like Viagra where vitality is concerned.

It’s not bad that young women make old dudes feel young again, too.

But the advantages don’t stop there.

Men who want to snag themselves a young one need to make some changes to attract one in the first place. These include:

Being serious and mature about relationships

Putting on more effort on courtship

Being ready to live up to certain expectations

Getting over the idea that young women who date older men have “daddy issues”

Keeping up with her enthusiasm and energy and not move like a grandpa

Preparing to be judged

A good man will have no problem facing these challenges. Are you?

If you are, you need to learn how to date and keep them.

When dating a much younger woman:

Treat her like you would a girlfriend

No girl wants to be categorized as a casual fling. So if you want her rewards and favors, don’t even think about playing games.

Know that it’s not all about sex

Sure, sex with a younger woman can be awesome, especially with millennials who are more attuned with their sexuality because of the internet, but it is not the end all and be all in a relationship. Intellectual passion and romance play an important role too.

Act your age

Most young women dating older men expect their beau to have a certain level of maturity. So even when she makes you feel young again, don’t act too young that you end up being childish. In other words, leave immaturity behind.

Allow her to live her own life

Trying to pressure your young girlfriend to get married or have children is one of the easiest ways to kill this kind of relationship. Allow her to enjoy her life, considering she is still young, and enjoy the ride with her.

Be honest, always

Young or old men who are dishonest never make it to a woman’s good books. If you happen to be one of them, you might want to make honesty your best policy in life. If you have always been honest, keep it up. Start by being honest with yourself about what you find attractive in a young woman.

Strive to keep up with her

Are you dating someone who enjoys wild parties and such? You better keep up or lose her. It is important to understand that young women have different likes and dislikes from you, so be honest if you are prepared to keep up with her lifestyle. Otherwise, date someone else.

Use a provider frame

Taking good care of a woman is known to unlock her sexual psyche. So don’t be surprised to get awesome incentives for buying lingerie or two or paying to fix a flat tire.

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