6 Steps to turning your life around

All of us get challenged by life. Everyone one of us has to overcome hurdles and obstacles to achieve the life we want. Some of us will feel like we have reached rock bottom.
Whether the problems are health related, financial issues or stem from failing relationships there are a set of fundamental actions that can put us on the right path.
By avoiding certain sets of behaviours and adopting others we can turn our lives around.
It will take discipline and perseverance, but if success was easy everybody would do it.
Regret is the worst pain, the present and future is all that matters, not what has gone before, and every day will present us with new opportunities.

1)Find Meaning
You have to have a why! A mission, a greater purpose, without it you will never harness the discipline and motivation to push through the pain and implement good habits while turning your back on the bad ones. The meaning to your life will provide the fire you need to get you back on track when you inevitably relapse. Be obsessed with something, have a passion that drives your decisions and provides direction. What it is doesn’t matter, as long as it gets you out of bed in the morning and pushes you through your obstacles and hurdles to the life you want.

2)Go Cold Turkey
Whether it be alcohol, drugs, porn, sugar, cigarettes or caffeine most of us are abusers of some kind of vice. Typically our addiction wll negatively impact on at least 3 of the following –

By cutting them out completely you set a rock hard foundation upon which you can begin to build the life you want. Take pride in fighting your urges and defeating your mind, as you build up resistance the other suggestions that follow will be ingrained and strengthened deeper in your sub-conscious.
It’s impossible to build the strong foundation you need to tackle the other steps if your consuming these harmful, toxic substances. If you fall off the wagon, acknowledge it, ask yourself why and resolve not to make the same mistake again.

3)Live Healthy
By following step 2 you’ll feel more motivated to adopt the healthy habits that can boost energy, improve your mood and make you more attractive.
By making healthier decisions around our food, sleep and exercise we give ourselves the best opportunity to pursue the life we desire.
By restricting our diet to real, natural foods and drinking water and herbal teas we can notice a dramatic difference to our wellbeing within a month. Quality over quantity, nourishing your body and mind by steering clear of cheap processed garbage and opting for organic fruit and veg with ocean caught fish and meat reared on a natural diet will lead to a noticeable improvement quickly. Avoiding wheat, sugar, soy and milk likewise. Plenty of water to hydrate and herbal teas like ginger and peppermint to aid digestion.
Supplements shouldnt be relied upon to make up for poor nutrition but can assist in the elimination of any natural deficiencies. I personally use ZMA for both its qualities in assisting with sleep and in maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Similarly I take a Vitamin D and Fish Oil capsules daily to improve mood, energy, reduce inflammation and support my joints.
Getting sufficient quality sleep is life changing, deprivation can lead to countless physical and mental issues but its not always easy with a modern lifestyle to get your recommended 8 hours nightly. If possible cut out all electronics a minimum of an hour before retiring, in addition if possible use orange glasses (cutting out blue light) when looking at your laptop, kindle, phone etc in the evening. Make sure your bedroom is a cool temperature and that it is pitch black. If you struggle to switch off and the days events and future ones are spinning around in your head try meditating before bed or alternatively do a brain dump with a pen and pad just before retiring.
Make sure you have some kind of regular exercise routine as part of your weekly schedule.
Start lifting weights, the benefits are numerous – improved posture, strength, appearance and mood as well as the positive effect on your testosterone levels and energy will make you feel great. I attend my local gym 6 days of the week typically, but if gyms aren’t your thing (can’t see why they wouldnt be as there are typically some very tidy women in tight clothing loitering around) then get yourself some dubmbells and kettlebells at home and workout in front of the tv. Get outside and go for a run or jump on your bike and go for a ride, as well as the exercise the sun and fresh air will also have a positive effect.

4)Stop Wasting Time
Time is our most valuable asset and the one thing that all people rich or poor have the same amount of on a daily basis. Use your time wisely, cut out distractions, stop aimlessly surfing the internet or following somebody elses great life on instagram. There is limitless distraction and entertainment for us to consume across multiple platforms all enabling us to procrastinate and never really achieve anything. Get organised, get productive, prioritise the steps you need to take to achieve the life you want and break them down into smaller tasks, tackle them one by one and if you need to reward yourself with a bit of mindless consumption when you’ve completed each important step.

5)Get Educated
I’m not talking about going back to college and getting a degree. We live in the age of information, you have the ability if you want to learn just about any skill you can think of (you just might want to be careful who you choose as a teacher!). Books, Blogs, Lectures, Seminars, Talks, Demonstrations, Videos, Forums, the internet provides us access to more information than anybody could possibly ever implement. Educate yourself and then use that knowledge in your daily life, learn as much as you can from the successful people in whatever field interests you. Expand your mind by standing on the shoulders of giants and following and replicating the knowledge of brilliant people, let their ideas and thought processes rub off.

6)Get Out There
By cutting out the poor habits, instilling new healthy ones, having a purpose and goal to drive your life, using your time better and educating yourself you will find a whole new desire to go and experience adventure. With your brain not dulled by poor food choices and drugs of whatever kind, you will find yourself energised and restless, unable to be satisfied by evenings on the sofa looking at your phone and watching netflix. Your limitless, push out of your comfort zone, go and meet people (especially girls), try new things, new places, With a clear mind you’ll feel alive and every new day seems like a new opportunity this will attract new people and new experiences into your life.

Sacrifice short term pleasure and don’t settle for being mediocre, dont fall for peer pressure, by adopting the 6 steps identified above you can be endlessly more productive than the average and live that life you want.

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